Mobile Controls

RSB is mobile optimized, meaning that you can use all of the features we covered in mobile.

Only case where it might be performance heavy to use is the Wind Point Indicators of Dynamic Scope System. Remember we had those orange lines showing where the bullet will land depending on the wind? They might be a little too much for a mobile platform, however our tests using Galaxy A70, LG G7 and Iphone 7 showed that it worked without a problem with a stable fps.

All of the demo player & weapon controllers are suitable to use with a mobile controller. Meaning that walk input, aim input, fire input etc. are all methods that can be called from outside. If you open up the demo scene MobileControls, you will see that there is a canvas with a DemoMobileController.cs script attached, which manages a joystick input, and receives input from UI touches to aim, fire, cycle zero distances etc.

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