Writing your Own Bullet Time Camera

The Bullet Time Camera Default is an intuitive and powerful tool to create bullet time effects that will fit to most gameplay scenarios. However, if you want to write your own camera effect, code the logic yourself, RSB provides the means to do so. There are 4 events in SniperAndBallisticsSystem.cs that will be fired during a bullet time:

  • EBulletTimeStarted: Fired when a BulletTimeTarget.cs object is hit, bullet object is enabled, ready to be travelled through it's path.

  • EBulletTimeUpdated: Fired when the bullet travels through it's path.

  • EBulletTimePathFinished: Fired when bullet hit's the target.

  • EBulletTimeEnded: Fired when the timescales are set back to normal and everything is resetted.

By creating a script that listens to this events, you can enable a camera when the bullet time is triggered, move the camera during the update events, and disable the camera when it ends. You can fill in the logic in anyway you want in between. There exists a template class to do this, navigate to InanEvin>Realistic Sniper and Ballistics>src>BulletTime folder and take a look at BulletTimeCameraEmpty.cs file. This provides the baseline support for writing a simple bullet time camera. It's a good starting point, so if you want to try writing your own logic, you should start by copying this template.

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