Feature List

  • Centralized System: By including a single singleton instance to your scene, you get access to all RSB features. You can write a single line of code to fire any type of bullet from anywhere in your scene. Use the included prefabs to create a first-person system out of the box, or include RSB in your scene and use it with your own systems!

  • Event Based System: RSB works completely on events, so it becomes extremely easy to listen to bullet hit events, or bullet time events to trigger custom game code.

  • No Rigidbodies: Bullets fired with RSB works completely with raycasts, meanwhile providing you with an extremely accurate real-life simulation precision. No objects being spawned, no rigidbodies are being fired. Thus, firing a bullet, even though it’s simulated by many physics factors, is extremely cheap.

  • Realistic Bullet Ballistics: Bullets are affected by: gravity(bullet drop), air resistance (multiple drag models w/ adjustable coefficient), spin drift (barrel twist), wind speed, air pressure and of course time.

  • Bullet Properties & Presets: By using Scriptable Objects, you can create a custom bullet of your own just with couple of clicks. You can adjust the bullet’s weight, diameter, drag coefficient and other physical properties if you want to simulate a specific type of a bullet. On top of that, RSB provides you with an extensive set of presets derived from real cartridges, such as 9mm, 7.62, 556, .338 rem, .40 ACP etc.

  • Custom UI: An extensive set of custom UI tools to set up your own bullet properties, design-time trajectory simulator to visualize the bullet’s trajectory in a graph on Unity editor itself.

  • Surface Ballistics: Bullet penetration and ricochet, based on bullet’s kinetic energy & velocity. Completely customizable interface to simulate various surfaces such as; wood, steel, metal, plastic etc. along with the presets of said surfaces.

  • Bullet Tracers: Visualize your bullets, enable bullet tracers and define your tracer prefab to see your bullet’s trajectory.

  • In-game Trajectory Debugging: Enable trajectory debugging to visualize the whole bullet trajectory with line renderers.

  • Dynamic Scope System: A dynamic canvas based scope system showing bullet drops depending on the selected bullet as well as how the bullet will be affected by the wind.

  • Bullet Time Cameras: A powerful custom UI based tool to create your own bullet time camera effects without writing a single line of code. 10+ bullet time camera presets are included. Additionally, RSB provides a robust API to write your own bullet time camera effects if desired.

  • Player Controller: RSB includes an example first-person player controller ready to be used in your own projects along with a smooth first person camera.

  • Motion Controller: On top of the player controller, RSB also includes a motion controller script to create head-bob effects, camera/gun swaying, effects to simulate breath sway and a weapon positioner system to handle the position of the weapon depending on the player state (running, walking, aiming etc.)

  • Weapon Controller: RSB includes an example weapon controller with an ammunition counter ready to be used for any type of weapon, especially for a bolt-action sniper rifle.

  • Mobile Controls: RSB is mobile ready, and includes example scenes demonstrating how mobile controls can be used with its FPS controller.

  • Full Demo Scenes: Full demo scenes demonstrating all features of RSB are included.

  • And much more utilities!

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