Bullet Time Effects

Bullet Time effects are small cut-scene like sequences showing the bullet flying towards it's target. It became popular in game franchises such as Sniper Elite and Sniper Ghost Warriors. RSB provides a powerful tool to create your own bullet time camera behavior without writing a single line of code. Alternatively, you can use RSB's powerful event system to write your own camera logic as well. First, let's take a look at how we can incorporate this powerful tool into our tutorial scene.

We first need to enable bullet time effect on SniperAndBallisticsSystem.cs instance in our scene. Navigate to the Sniper and Ballistics object containing the script, and enable bullet time checkmark.

Chance determines the percentage which the bullet time effect will get triggered on each time a bullet time target is hit. Min Distance determines the minimum shot distance for the effect to get triggered. Let's leave the values as is for now.

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