Quick Setup

Import RSB into your project. Then navigate to InanEvin>Realistic Sniper and Ballistics>UNPACK folder. You will see 3 packages for each of the render pipelines (standard, urp/lwrp and hdrp). Unpack the one your project uses, you can delete the others. Then, navigate to the folder DemoScenes and play any demo scene you want. You will see:

  • Full Demo: Demonstrating all RSB features in a first-person sniper game fashion.

  • Mobile Demo: Demonstrating RSB features in a first-person sniper game fashion with a mobile ready flat scene.

  • EmptyPlayerControllerDemo: Demonstrating the first-person controller that is included in RSB, with complete movement and motion such as head-bob, camera sway etc.

  • MinimalDemo: Demonstrating the usage of RSB without a player controller. Press space to shoot a ballistics bullet in an empty scene. Perfect if you want to integrate RSB into your own controllers and not use the provided ones.

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