Air Resistance

On top of the gravity and the wind, the bullet's are also affected by Air Resistance. The Drag Model and Ballistic Coefficient in Bullet Properties asset determine the bullet's behavior based on air drag.

Higher the Ballistic Coefficient, easier the bullet will punch through the air, causing it less resistance. If we are to select our Bullet Property asset we use for this tutorial, disable Air Resistance by unchecking Affected By Air Resistance, then fire, we would see that the bullet drops less.

This is because the air resistance causes the bullet to slow down. Slower the bullet, more time it takes for it to reach to target. More time it spends on air, more drop occurs due to gravity. You can easily tweak this behavior on the Bullet Property asset to suit to your needs, but it's recommended to leave the air resistance on.

Less powerful cartridges such as 9mm are affected much more by air resistance.

Let's enable back the air resistance by checking Affected By Air Resistance checkmark in our Bullet Property that we use for the tutorial before continuing the next sections.

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